Thursday, December 18, 2008

GOOD LUCK book by Fernado Trias de Bes

I've finished this book sometime back... Here are those that I learnt... The rules of GOOD LUCK

1. Luck doesn’t last long because it does not depend on you. GOOD LUCK does last FOREVER as it is CREATED by EACH OF US.
2. Many are those who want GOOD LUCK, but only few of them are those who are WILLING TO PURSUE it
3. If you don’t have GOOD LUCK now, it might be because you are under the usual condition. To have GOOD LUCK, you must create NEW CONDITIONS
4. Finding new conditions for GOOD LUCK does not mean looking for own benefit only. Creating conditions, HELPING others, makes GOOD LUCK more likely to appears
5. Creating new conditions is sometimes hard work… but DON’T POSTPONE… DO IT TODAY
6. Sometimes, even under the seemingly right condition, GOOD LUCK doesn’t arrive. Look for seemingly unnecessary but UNDISPENSIBLE conditions in the SMALL details
7. To those who only believe in CHANCE, creating conditions seems absurd. Those who create conditions are not worried about CHANCE. They BELIEVE…
8. Nobody can sell GOOD LUCK. GOOD LUCK cannot be sold. Don’t trust those who sell luck
9. After creating all the conditions, BE PATIENT, don’t quit. For GOOD LUCK to arrive, have FAITH
10. It’s all about CREATING CONDITIONS. It’s all about YOU. NEVER BE CHANCE…

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what I have done the past 1 yr? (2)

Well... for the 2008 goal of mine

1. Family: To have a pretty baby boy...
=> Yata, we did it .... 10/10

2. Finance: Hmm, I want to be a millionaire when I reach 30... So there will be another 6 years... OK, I set a target of earning 100k by any means other than my current job salary by the end of 2008. In order to do that, I have to
• Use all spare time to pick up knowledge about shares, stock market, you name it...and invest in the stock market
• Learn about internet marketing
=>This is really really hard, we lost quite a big amount... I failed this task... Yet, we did buy a house, so no more rental, no more moving around... I consider it a big step... yet... I failed this 10/20

3. Career/business: to find a new dream job, working haft IT haft finance…
=> well... although I did try and failed... but I did score myself in the manager eyes and got payment increment of 24+%... quite a good jump yah? ... still... this is not my dream job... so 10/30

what I have done the past 1 year ?(1)

Well... let's see what I have improved in the past year... Starting from my first post

Yes, yes, it is gonna be a veryyy veryyyyy biggggg battle...

Here's the list of "enemies" in a kind of brainstorming format :D

1. I want to speak English as fluently as an American. What do I need to do? (Yes yes... This a a good way, keep questioning yourself)

i. Improve my English words wealth (How? By reading more English book, reading others' blog... Look up for the alien words and practice when and where to use them every possible time)
ii. Practice practice practice, with a native English or American, not local (oh man, there is no native English speaking in my current company... wait no complain... It's me who controls the situation, I am sure I can work it out)
=> well well well... I found no native English or American to practice my English... I did not read any English book... except for some "studying"
=> this is so bad... 0/10

2. I want to earn extra income, beside the income from my full time job... For a longer goal of becoming financial freedom yeah yeah

i. Sign up for those self improve, self learning... forum and start posting, asking for ppl's opinions
ii. After adding Adsense (maybe after 1 or a few months blogging). If approved, put it in signature of the forum
=> well... did nothing in those 2 pts... we did some investment... but lost a lot... the economy is going down... so... basically ... 0/20

3. I am gonna learn AND PRACTICE how to deal with people (my team lead, my flat mates). I used to read 'How to win friends and influence people' but forgot almost the things I learnt there because of no practicing

i. Smile and say hi with EVERYONE, could be cleaners, could be the smelly ... sitting next to me... Try hard...
ii. Pushing them to speak in English, ask, ask, ask everytime I lost
=> well... I tried... but not hard... 0/30

4. I want to self-study my finance book
=> well... AGAIN I did try... but only like 1 page???... 1/40

5. I want to go for a master course (MBA or MFE? that's a question), with as little cost as possible... The plan should come along with my marriage plan
=> this did not happen 1/50

6. I want to improve my complexion, it's so damn bad now...
=> well, it's ok for me now... 8/60

7. I want to learn experience from the PM. How???

i. Getting closer to her, keep asking her questions about her career ... politely...
=> actually, i kinda digged it myself... 10/60

Hmm hmm that's all for today... Kinda late already... Got to go to bed for keeping my skin from not getting worse :((

Oopps... Wait wait... I've got to blog in down in case I will forget this soon after my sleep...

I am gonna do my self improvement by posting the way to do it where I may study from some book I read, or some advice that I get from my seniors... And then the progress will be updated accordingly... Yeah that's the plan... I can do it... I can do it... Go go gal...

Tomorrow's plan:
1. List down all the questions I have asked myself.
2. Try to find 1 or more solutions for each question
3. Pros and cons, can allocate points to help to decide


Well... 10/60... too bad...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

US recession - is it coming?

From Wikipedia:
A recession is a decline in a country's GDP for two or more successive quarters of a year.


GDP. A revised reading of gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the nation's economic activity, showed fourth-quarter growth remained at the same tepid 0.6% rate initially reported. Economists surveyed by thought growth would be revised up to 0.8% in the quarter.

So it means it's really a slow down... not recession... just yet... but probably, it is headed into one... scary... stock has been dropping dramatically... will it continue to drop more and more???

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hong Kong scandal with the rumours of the divorce of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung

Well... Let's hear the whole story

Hong Kong News Agency: ...

When Nicholas Tse touched down at the Beijing airport, he was accompanied by 4 assistants and did not reply to any questions asked by the Chinese reporters who were awaiting his arrival at the airport. However, the very prominent missing wedding ring on Nicholas’ left hand did not escape the notice of the reporters who were present at the scene. The missing wedding ring was in itself, more telling than any words about rift between Nicholas and Cecilia.

Nicholas Tse‘ original plan was to arrive in Beijing the day before yesterday. However, he suddenly changed his schedule and only travelled to Beijing yesterday. Clad in a white jacket and sporting a cap on his head, Nicholas and his 4 assistants arrived at the airport in Beijing at a very early 7.30 a.m in the morning. Upon arrival, Nicholas spotted the estimated 20 reporters who were awaiting his arrival but did not quicken his footsteps. Walking slowly and calmly towards the exit of the airport, he was asked by the reporters interviewing him if he had seen the sex scandal pictures of Cecilia and whether he had indeed divorced with Cecilia as heavily speculated and rumored but he did not answer any of the questions posed to him.

The corners of his mouth did however turn up in a smile that seemed like he was sneering at the questions posed to him and waved at the reporters before leaving the airport. From the time of his arrival at the airport to his departure from the airport, Nicholas was observed to have originally had both his hands placed in his pockets but when he used his hands to block off the wave of reporters who were pressing in too closely for comfort for him, it was immediately noticed that the wedding ring he always wore on his left hand was prominently missing.

The missing ring was a dead give-away that the marriage of Nicholas and Cecilia was most probably facing some sort of a crisis. Upon leaving the airport in the car that was arranged for him, Nicholas’ driver violated several traffic regulations and even beat the red light 5 times in his attempts to lose the reporters who had gave chase in their own vehicles.

Oh... come on... I myself these recent days forgot to wear back my wedding rings many times. I took it off for taking a shower or washing dishes... It's no big deal...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wish everyone (including myself) a great and prosperous 2008!!!!


It seems a bit late to wish everyone a happy new year now... Nevertheless, late better than none...

Reading Adam Khoo’s blog inspired me setting up goals for 2008...

1. Family: To have a pretty baby boy...

2. Finance: Hmm, I want to be a millionaire when I reach 30... So there will be another 6 years... OK, I set a target of earning 100k by any means other than my current job salary by the end of 2008. In order to do that, I have to
• Use all spare time to pick up knowledge about shares, stock market, you name it...and invest in the stock market
• Learn about internet marketing
3. Career/business: to find a new dream job, working haft IT haft finance…

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

List of problems that are frustrating to me

1. My manager does not want to approve my leave because she wants me to finish the job before I go on leave.

+ Direct: I will finish 3 days ahead of the schedule => this is also a commitment I make to myself.